The preservation and enhancement of the landscape is a vital element of the management strategy for the Estate. The river Teith which runs through the Estate is a prime salmon and sea trout river. The whole stretch is designated an SAS ( Special Area of Conservation) for the benefit of fresh water mussels and salmon. The enhancement of the whole catchment has been supported by Aly through his involvement with the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board and his lead in successfully helping remove illegal netting in the estuary during the 80’s. Coupled with restocking initiatives and other anti- poaching measures the Teith has been partially restored to its former glory as a leading Scottish salmon river. But there is still further to go.

In the 90’s the Estate hosted the release of red kites as an exercise to promote the better understanding of the lifestyle of the bird , once prolific in Scotland. Today, conservation measures and management have help ensure that the wildlife has been enhanced with the restoration of ospreys, kites, otters, red squirrels and kingfishers all now regular visitors to the Estate.